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Liberty Lake Adult Family Home, Retirement Home

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  Empathy – Our Nurses and Caregivers wake up every day knowing they have the potential to enrich someone’s life. Personally, the desire to make an impact has never been lost on me. Having started my career as an RN, I am acutely aware of the dedication and heart it takes to serve others. I understand the sacrifices nurses make, and the long hours and hard work put into caring for patients. We’re trained to listen intently and offer the right counsel at the right time. And in a world where recruitment and retention remain a major challenge, the ability to show empathy brings another layer of humanization that technology tends to remove in many ways. When you combine this skill with the ability to think strategically, there’s no stronger combination. This is incredibly important when it comes to leadership, no matter what setting you work in.


  Problem-solving skills – Our Nurses and Caregivers  are champions of assessing and connecting multiple data points to identify a problem, developing a theory or intervention and working towards a solution. Because each person responds differently to each intervention, they also become skilled with continuous process improvement—something we have practiced long before it became as popular as it is in organizations today. Problem-solving in times of high stress are more than second nature for nurses—we are pushed to look beyond policies and calculations to find underlying causes for the problems our patients face. And it is equally as important for our nurses to be able to recommend solutions in a way that improves healthcare delivery at every level, where we have influence and before other challenges arise. This trait is undeniably something we strive for!

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